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Sporty kids and adolescents are often clocking up a high number of hours in a number of different sports, all while still doing the important business of growing!

There are many musculo-skeletal conditions unique to young people, in particular those that like to exercise for recreation or at a competitive level. While some kids tend to focus on one or two sports, it is not unusual for others to be involved in multiple activities with intensive schedules and little recovery time. Although exercise has undeniable benefits, sometimes the body struggles to keep up with demand, and after a while injuries start to occur at an alarming frequency or an injury can't heal. There are a whole list of reasons as to how and why this happens, many of which can be addressed in physiotherapy.  
The time period before and after the Peak Height Velocity Growth Spurt is also extremely significant in the Long Term Athlete Development model.  Our Chartered Physiotherapists are experienced in guiding athletes through this time of physical adaption regarding the introduction of resistance training, load management, flexibility training and adequate nutritional intake.  Athletes can also benefit from movement screening during this time in order to address any joint restrictions or muscle imbalances (see Prehab (FMS)).
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